Posted by: ralphy36 | October 9, 2006

White Wedding

Today I had the pleasure of a day off for Columbus Day. Someone came by and cleaned our chimney (yay it is almost time for fires) and then I headed up to my craft room to do some finishing. Over the weekend, Allen played task master and helped me clean out my craft room. For whatever reason, whenever I went up there to organize I would get overwhelmed and wouldn’t get much done. With Allen’s direction, it is now usable for sewing. Today I started the finishing on my Garden piece and my Autumn Exange. Just a little bit of hand sewing on both is left.

After playing with my sewing machine, I brought out White Wedding for a bit. I managed to get the middle portion of the swag done and started the date. Here is a pic of the status of the whole piece…

And an closeup of the center with the start of the date. I am pretty confident that I will have it done by the end of October as long as I stitch on it for two days each week. This might be hard as my Wednesdays will be limited for the next six weeks doing work with a local parenting program. At least I will earn all my Christmas money.


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