So I am participating in a WIPacolypse for 2012 sponsored by Measie’s Musings. The goal of the challenge is to make progress on as many pieces over the course of the year as possible. I like that the challenge is pretty open ended and can include both old pieces and new starts. Each month on the full moon, you post pictures of your progress and this gets you entry into a drawing for stitching goodies at the end of the year. I figure that this would be a great motivator to help me make progress on all of my WIPS this year. Here’s hoping that the baby will let me get some stitching done as she gets older:)

So, here is my list of projects to WIPS for 2012. All pieces with a * are pieces started prior to 2012.

1. King’s Vegetable Garden-Chatelaine Designs*
2. Butterfly Rest-Maria Van Scharrenburg*
3. Tuscan Midnight-Needle Delights Original*
4. Day Nymph-Mirabilia*
5. Joan of Arc-from the Gift of Stitching*
6. Mary’s Stocking-Shepard’s Bush*

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