Posted by: ralphy36 | January 11, 2012

Wipacolypse January update

So I finally got around to taking pictures for my first wipacolypse update. Not much progress, but I guess it really was only 10 days:) I started the beading on Night Nymph and got a good bit done at Tuesday stitching night. 32 count is my favorite count fabric, but for a piece with dense beading like this one, you really need to us 28 count. I don’t know how the model stitcher got all the beads on there. I am fudging a bit in places so the areas just look filled in with the right colors, but doesn’t warp the fabric.

Andie asked about my Day Nymph. I finished and framed that piece in 2010 while I wasn’t blogging. When I had this framed, I made sure that the framer gave me all the details so when I went back with Night Nymph we could frame it exactly the same size and with the same molding. Hopefully some time this summer.

And here is my finished Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy. I finished her on New Year’s Day.



  1. Gorgeous stitching! All three are on my to do list 😀

  2. great progress and lovely finish

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