Posted by: ralphy36 | September 25, 2009

The worst blogger ever…

That would be me. Maybe if I was able to make a profession out of it I would be better, but life just gets in the way. This post is in honor of Allen since he complained I haven’t been blogging:)

It has been a busy few months since my last post. We took a big trip in July and hit all of Nathaniel’s grandparents. In total we drove almost 1000 miles in ten days. I guess the daily average is no more than when I used to commute to Maryland, but it is a bit different when you have a screaming 20 month old in the back seat. In reality, though, Nathaniel did quite well on the trip. Allen and I invested in a portable dvd player and I rented a ton of videos from the library. Boy did that save us.

At the start of September, Nathaniel had his first ear infection since he had tubes put in last October. The pediatrician thinks that the tubes got clogged either with wax or some other goo from a sinus infection or allergies. A few days of antibiotic drops didn’t do much good and so we had our first course of antibiotics in almost over eight months. One ear cleared up quickly. The ENT couldn’t tell if the other ear was still infected or not. In all the struggles trying to look in his ear canal got scraped with an otoscope. The scrap swelled which made it hard to see the tube. Hopefully when we go on Tuesday everything will look 100%.

I have also been stitching and reading a lot. Since getting back from vacation I have hit all of my WIPs at least once. I started and finished a shepherds bush stocking for Nathaniel which Vonna has since finished for me

It looks fantastic!! Thanks Vonna I will take some progress pics of my pieces over the weekend to share.

With reading this year, I decided to re-read Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael series. I just finished book 14, leaving just six left to finish by the end of the year. I will be cutting it close. I have also read the first 15 books in Anne Perry’s Inspector Pitt series. The fact that some of these were on audio book helped a lot. Well since it has taken me two nights to write this post I guess I should sign off



  1. I hope Nathaniel is feeling better now. The stocking is beautiful and Vonna has done a wonderful finishing job on it.

  2. *wave from a fellow rotation stitcher*

    Congrats on hitting all of your WIPs! I’m just getting back on the wagon with my stitching and am looking at all of my projects with a bit of “which do I start with!?!” confusion.

  3. I hope Nathaniel’s ears improve. I love your stocking and Vonna did an awesome job finishing it.

    It’s good to hear you stitched on all your WIP’s, sadly I can’t say the same about mine.

  4. Very nice finish of the stocking. It came out beautiful

  5. I love the stocking! So old-fashioned and traditional which is what Christmas is all about.

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