Posted by: ralphy36 | January 10, 2009

Marie’s RR

Hey everyone…here is my contribution to Marie’s Neighborhood RR. She had a Halloween theme and I stitched Brittercup’s Haunting the Night Away. There are a few pieces I couldn’t fit in, but it was the perfect size for her piece. I really enjoyed stitching this one and might have to stitch the whole piece for myself one day. I hope you like it. As soon as I finish frogging one section of my RR out this will be on its way back to Marie. I forget how long frogging can take.

Now the ultimate question…what to stitch next. I could finish my LHN Caffe Latte piece which is almost done or I could pull out Bordeaux Wine Sampler. Difficult choice!



  1. I vote for Caffe Latte. I just love those silk packs.

  2. That looks great!!!!

  3. It looks wonderful

  4. this is the second Halloween neighborhood RR that I have seen and fell in love with. I just love the concept and will continue looking at them.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks again for the wonderful job you did on my Halloween NRR block. I have completed your block and want to return it to you but I am house hunting and do not have your address. Can you email it to me and I will mail your NRR this week?

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