Posted by: ralphy36 | January 9, 2009

Round Robin possibility

Hey everyone…
On Vonna’s blog this morning I ran into a very cool potential opportunity for a round robin. Despite how much I like Carriage House Samplings pieces, I don’t think I had seen this one before and I think it is an awesome piece to do for a RR. Unfortunately the lady who was thinking of running it decided against it. I understand her reasons, but I still think it is a pretty cool idea.

The piece is Friendship Sampler by Carriage House Samplings. Word press won’t let me upload right now so until I can get it to work, check out Vonna’s post for 1/9/09 to see a picture of it or check out the CHS website.

I didn’t think I wanted to get involved in a RR this year, but although there would be a lot of stitcher, the actual stitching time each round probably wouldn’t be that high. I am willing to organize a RR for this piece. If you are interested in participating in an RR with this piece feel free to let me know. Whether it gets off the ground kind of depends on interest. While I would prefer to keep this as a North America RR just for turn around reasons (I don’t want this to become a three year affair), I would definitely accept overseas interest from stitching friends I know and trust or an overseas stitcher who has a refrence from a trusted stitching friend.

If this is something you would be interested in please feel free to email me at If you would take a moment to answer the following questions I would apprieciate it.

1. Name, blog, current location
2. What count fabrics are you willing or able to stitch on
3. Would you prefer to stitch as charted with Belle Soie from Crescent Colors or use a DMC conversion or do you not care.
4. If you prefer to use the silks, would you be willing to provide them as not everyone can afford or have access to them.

I hope this will generate some interst. I would love to have a finished piece with the names of some of my favorite ladies in the stitching world to remember for years to come.

In other news, keep your eyes out for a finish on Marie’s Neighborhood RR on Saturday morning!!


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