Posted by: ralphy36 | March 2, 2008


So I guess it is that time again. Time to review the previous month and plan for the month ahead. I cannot believe that February is already over. It really flew by. Here are last month’s goals
February Goals:
1. Stitch on Butterfly Rest-yes
2. Finish German Garden-yes
3. Start a LHN tea or coffee piece-nope
4. Start Bine’s neighborhood RR-yes
5. Stitch on Alchemical Romance-yes
Pretty good I think.

Now on to March. My biggest goal is to transition back to work without stressing out too much. Hopefully I can make it. I do have two days off for spring break which will be nice, but then no days off again until Memorial Day since I have no leave:(

Well here are my March stitching goals.
1. Stitch on Baby Garden
2. Finish Bine’s RR and mail
3. Stitch on Alchemical Romance
4. Start a LHN piece or CCN’s Sweet Treats if my fabric comes in time
5. Stitch on M9

Here’s to good stitching. Its off to work in the morning!



  1. Great work on your February goals! I am impressed by how much you can stitch with a baby in the house.

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