Posted by: ralphy36 | February 26, 2008

We made it

Nathaniel and I made it through our first day at day care. He went off happy as a clam and I was a bit teary as I expected. Since Allen had woken up late, he decided to join us on the drop off and was surprised at how hard it was to leave Nathaniel behind. I called a couple of times and each time they said he was fine (not that they were going to tell me he was screaming his head off:)) When I picked him up at noon he was sleeping hard and of course grumped at me for taking him out of the comfy swing. The biggest blessing of the first day at daycare was that it seemed to tire him out enough that we didn’t have the night-night fussing that we have had the last few days. Nathaniel has decided that he loves people, especially mommy and daddy. When we have put him down for bed, he just cries until we go in to reassure him. Then of course he gives us the biggest smile. What a stinker! Fortunately he is still sleeping through the night well! Yeah.

As for stitching, I have been stitching a bunch. I am working on Bine’s RR, but haven’t produced anything worth taking a picture of. The house I am doing has a winter theme and the white snow on cream fabric does not show up well when photographed. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some of the house done and I can share!



  1. I’m glad that you all made it through the first day at daycare! Sounds like Nathaniel will make out just fine. Now to work on mommy and daddy. 😉

  2. I’m glad it all went well. 🙂

  3. Pleased to hear that Nathaniel is settling into daycare ok. I can remember how hard it is to leave them there.

  4. Pleased that you both survived the first day of daycare. He is such a cutie, and congratulations on finishing German Garden it is gorgeous.

  5. Yay guys! Congratulations!!

  6. *hugs* so glad it went well for you!

  7. Glad to hear that everyone survived the first day. Hopefully it continues to help him settle down each night!

  8. Glad that first day went well! I can’t wait to see how the RR is coming along.

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