Posted by: ralphy36 | February 19, 2008

German Garden progress

So close, yet still so far away. That is how I am feeling about German Garden right now. It looks like there is not much left, but every time I sit down to work on it I realize there is still a ton to do. Today I worked on the outer border and on the laid trellis path up the middle. I really hope to finish this one by the end of the month as I really want to move on to other things, but am determined to finish this piece!




  1. You go girl! Its looking great!

  2. I’m working on a secret stitch right now that is that way. For months I’ve been thinking “just a couple of more sitting’s with this and it will be done”, not!! I’m finally on the backstitching though so I must be close to being done.

    Your piece is beautiful. Keep going πŸ˜‰

  3. It’s looking great. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  4. It’s looking gorgeous, not far now πŸ™‚ Cute photo’s of Nathaniel

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