Posted by: ralphy36 | January 7, 2008

Phewy on pictures

Since Allen got his new camera, I have been having some serious issues with getting pictures to upload to the blog. For some reason the camera does not want to upload pics onto my lap top and our network will not let me access them off Allen’s computer. I now have to go through a long process to get them here:)

It has been a busy week. Allen and I had a quiet, but pleasant New Year and Nathaniel witnessed his first New Year count down. Then he had a busy week with two doctor’s appointment. The first was with the pediatric cardiologist. Shortly after he was born, one of our pediatricians heard a heart murmur and made a referral for a full work up. He did have a murmur and a normal hole in his heart. It was nothing to worry much about, but they wanted to see him again at one month. Things have improved significantly and they can barely hear the murmur any more. Hopefully we will have just one more follow up at six months to see if the hole has closed any. After that, Nathaniel went to his regular pediatrician for his one month check up. He is a healthy little guy and is now topping the scales at 10 pounds, 3 ounces. Not surprising as he eats 7-8 six ounce bottles every day. He is well into his 3-6 month old clothes. Here are a few cute pics.

I have been stitching as well since the new year. If you will remember, I noted in my last post that I would be starting Alchemical Romance as my guilt-free January. I have been unable to put it away to work on other project since then and I am now almost a quarter finished. Here it is a few days ago.

And last to remind them that they are still much loved, some adorable pictures of the kittens. Here is a wonderful picture of Zoe. Miraculously she is in focus.
And this wonderful picture of “Evil Cooper” that Allen caught just by chance the other day:)



  1. You have been doing so well getting so much stitching done and I love all these designs. Nathaniel is such a cute baby and is growing so quickly. I hope that all goes well with him, I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. What an adorable baby boy Nathaniel is. Love the picture of “Evil Cooper”.

  3. Nathaniel is just so darned cute! I love all the pics:)

  4. Nathaniel is looking so well! What a gorgeous boy. I just love that shot of Evil Cooper.

  5. Nathaniel is a real cutie:) Love the shot of the ‘Evil Cooper’ LOL

  6. I could just eat Nathaniel up! I’m glad to hear his heart is healing, and that he’s healthy.

  7. All your pictures are wonderful. Nathaniel is adorable! Your stitching is great and I love that picture of Evil Cooper šŸ˜‰

  8. Nathaniel is so cute!

    That Evil Cooper picture is awesome, have you considered making it into a LOLcat? –

  9. Nathaniel is gorgeous and growing so beautifully! Does he look like his Daddy? He looks like he does in your family photo šŸ™‚ Love the photo of Cooper!

  10. Hi Leslie, your family pictures are wonderful. I glad Nathaniel’s heart murmur has decreased. Hopefully, it will be gone next visit. Evil Cooper is just too funny. Can I ask are you doing Alchemical Romance with the recommended colors?

  11. Nathaniel is a beautiful baby. And I just love the Evil Cooper pic – how amazing to catch a picture like that!

  12. Nathaniel is adorable. And WOW! You are able to do some stitching as well, that’s great. Just had to say I love the second picture of the cat. Great photo catch.

  13. Oooh Evil Cooper is just a great photo! A true study of light and shadow!!!

  14. Oh my gosh, what a cutie!! What a wonderful family photo too.

    I can’t believe you’ve been able to get that much stitching done so quickly… that’s awesome!!

  15. Aw, Nathaniel is so beautiful. Glad his eval was good, despite normal issues that will worry parents. Evil Cooper is too funny!

  16. Great pictures of you and Nathaniel! I love the kitty pics, too. You are flying through Alchemical Romance. Keep up the great work!

  17. Beautiful cats, and a more beautiful baby! Alchemical Romance is looking great.

  18. Great pictures, Leslie, I love the one where you’re all together. You look so happy. Nathaniel is BEAUTIFUL.

    … And so are the cats – I wouldn’t want them to feel forgotten now, would I. šŸ˜‰ Very cool pic of Cooper.

    Enjoy this special time! But I know you do. šŸ™‚

  19. I love the pictures of Nathaniel ~ he is such a sweetie and wow, growing amazingly too.

  20. Fabulous stitching!! Nathaniel is such a beautiful baby : )

    Amazing cat picture, too. Evil Cooper is quite an interesting shot. Perfect timing for that image : )

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