Posted by: ralphy36 | November 30, 2007

November/December Goals

Ahh, that time of the month again. Time to review my progress for the month. I did extremely well. Here is what I had planned for November.

1. If beads arrive, finish Stargazer- YES
2. Finish and mail Karen’s RR-YES
3. Complete my rotation on Bordeaux Sampler-YES
4. Stitch one Christmas ornament-NO
I also did rotations on German Garden, Baby’s Garden and Butterfly Rest. A very good month wouldn’t you say.

And now on to December:
1. Get to the halfway point on German Garden
2. Work on my Trees piece
3. Get to the halfway point on Baby Garden
4. Finish one Christmas ornament (I have one started from a long time ago)



  1. You’ve done great on your goals 🙂 And I understand about being ready for the blessed moment to get here! I’ll be thinking of you…in the meantime, have you eaten a greasy cheeseburger and gone on a bumpy ride!? LOL!

  2. Great job with all your goals and good luck with this months goals. Although you did leave one goal out, have a baby, LOL.

  3. Great job on your goals!

  4. Great progress in November, I am doing another JBW monocromatic ornament that is a one afternoon stitch. I recommend them if you need a quick finish. Happy Stitching

  5. Wow! YOu did great with those November goals, best of luck with the december ones!

  6. Great progress on your November goals. Best of luck on your December ones – but I’ll bet you’ll be busy with a bundle of joy!

  7. You have made amazing progress on all “fronts.” Hee!

  8. Thinking of you!

  9. One can only assume that baby has arrived, since you’ve been awfully quiet lately. I’m thinking of you, and hoping everything is going well!

  10. We’re waiting for pictures of baby……

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