Posted by: ralphy36 | November 23, 2007

Guest Room Pictures

In addition to making the curious chicken curtain discovery (read below), we also took delivery on some new guest room furniture this morning. I am very excited because for the last two years this room has simply had a bed on a metal frame. I can finally say we have only one room left to furnish. Yeah! Here is what we got. The pink chair actually came from his mom’s house when she moved. Now we can have guests and they will have a place to put their stuff:)



A little later today I promise I will have some stitching pictures since this is a stitching blog. I have made some really nice progress on Bordeaux Sampler.

ETA: Here is a pic of me from Wednesday after my most recent doctor’s appointment.



  1. Wow, love the bedroom furniture!! Our bedroom set is dark like that, too.

    You look great!!

  2. You look great!

  3. I’m sure I’ve said this before you look so cute pregnant!

  4. The guest room looks fabulous!!!!!

    You look fabulous!!!!

  5. Nice guestroom! I love that dresser.

  6. What a cute pic of you!! The guest room furniture is wonderful – congrats!

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