Posted by: ralphy36 | November 14, 2007

No the world is not coming to an end

Yes, I really am posting for the third time in three days. It is a miracle:) Tonight I was able to finish Karen’s Neighborhood RR. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and it was an enjoyable stitch. Well, it is late and Allen is finally home from his day off-site so I think it is time for bed:)




  1. Looks gorgeous!! Love the oak tree.

  2. Hurray! It looks great! Love the tree πŸ™‚

  3. Look great! Congratulations

  4. Great job!!! Looks great!

  5. Beautiful block!

  6. That looks really lovely Leslie.

  7. Great RR finish! Congrats.

  8. What a great finish! Well done.

  9. Great finish! It looks beautiful and I’m sure Karen will love it. πŸ™‚

  10. Great finish on the RR. Congrats. The beads should be there soon.

  11. Hi Leslie

    Hope you well, this is a little out of topic but do you still have leaflets of Barbara Baatz Nordic angel, have been looking all over.

    Good luck with Baby


  12. Oh, how gorgeous!!!!!

  13. Gorgeous block! What a great RR!

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