Posted by: ralphy36 | November 5, 2007


Better late than never:)

Here is what I would like to accomplish in October:
1. Finish and mail Outi’s Dragon RR Done
2. Get close to a finish on Karen’s Neighborhood RR close enough:)
3. Finish the stitching on Stargazer and start beading Would be totally finished had I not run out of beads
4. Do one rotation on Baby’s Garden Yup
5. Finish on bridge during my M9 rotation Chose to stitch on the corner instead, but done

All in all a fantastic October. And now on to November. Since I do have a baby on the way, I’ll be keeping my goals simple:)
1. If beads arrive, finish Stargazer
2. Finish and mail Karen’s RR
3. Complete my rotation on Bordeaux Sampler
4. Stitch one Christmas ornament

I think that sounds reasonable, especially as I only have an hours worth of beading left on Stargazer and I hope to have Karen’s RR done shortly.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!



  1. Well done on October, and your list sounds very sensible for November – priority number one is going to be the little fella! Hope your cough has improved – and good luck with your final few weeks!

  2. looks like you have a lot to do this month : ) I am working on a ‘gift’ and thus, not pictures or mention on my blog [sigh].

    enjoy the day

  3. Best of luck on your goals, especially with baby on the way! But then once baby gets here your only goal may be sleep!

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