Posted by: ralphy36 | October 1, 2007

Can’t Think of a Title!

Well, my brain was to broken to think of any form of a title for this post today. It has been a pretty busy week/weekend. Things are getting into full swing at work, not a moment to stop and catch my breath. Then this weekend, Allen and I busied ourselves with chores about the house. This included a marathon session of assembling items of furniture. We put together the baby’s crib and when Allen finishes the touch up paint and outlets next weekend, I’ll post some pics. My new sewing table also got put together this weekend. Allen bought it for me for my birthday and we just got around to putting it together. Since Allen and I moved in together, my sewing machine has been on a table that is too wide for the foot lever to reach the floor very well. It made sewing a bit ackward, especially considering how short I am. Such a short cord seems like a poor design on the part of the sewing machine company. Now I can hem my pants and fix our family room curtains without dislocating my right hip:)

On the cross stitching front, I spent most of the week working on Outi’s Winter Dragon. The majority of the dragon stitched up quickly, but then blending filament came into play. That seriously slowed me down. I eventually got exceedingly frustrated with the backstitch (which also used blending filament) and decided I needed to take a break. Here is where I got to.
I plan to get back to it tomorrow night. I think if I spend a little time on it each night this week along with a little stitching on something else I will finish it without wanting to throw all my spools of blending filament in the garbage disposal:)

While I was on a break from Winter Dragon, I finished up my next rotation on my focus piece, Stargazer. I am now up to her shoulders and even got to start on her hair a bit. I should easily be able to finish all the stitching on her the next time she comes up in my rotation. I am really looking forward to starting the beading.
Next up in my rotation is my “small” slot. I will be starting Baby Garden by Just Nan. It is not really that small, but as it is significantly smaller than most of my other pieces, it will count for now. It looks like it will be a fun piece to stitch for baby.

As I head up to bed, I will leave you with a cute pic of Cooper. I was hanging out on the couch eating a sandwich and he kept glaring at me. I was getting scared there for a bit:)


  1. Stargazer is looking great, Leslie!
    Hope you are feeling fine, despite the business!! Take care. 🙂

  2. What I really meant was busyness 😉

  3. All looking fantastic, Leslie! Baby Garden is the piece I’d like to do for my sister’s new baby – I haven’t had time to clear it with her yet (she gets first denial on baby samplers going into her house).

  4. Cooper is so cute! LOL

    Your stitching is looking fantastic! I share your exasperation with blending filament though. I’ve been working on a snowflake ornament using it and it really is horrendous. Does yours stretch as you’re stitching and keep knotting up? Grrrr

  5. Leslie, your dragon is gorgeous! The fabric you’ve chosen really offsets the colors. I think it’s beautiful, and I’m not a dragon stitcher!! And, I’m really impressed with how beautiful your “Stargazer” is, too. Your things are just amazing. Blending filament can be a pain…have you tried “thread heaven?” Also, you have to keep the blending filament lengths down to about 12″ to keep them from being too unruly….any longer and they twist and curl and fray on you.

  6. The dragonis so cute! Great progress on Stargazer:)

    Cooper looks adorable.

  7. Oh, lovely stitching! I can’t wait to see the baby’s room!

  8. Ooo, pretty dragon… and pretty Stargazer… and gorgeous kitty!!! Thanks for the update on posting off my RR 🙂

  9. Stargazer is looking amazing – can’t wait to see all the sparklies added! You will enjoy Baby Garden, and I’m sure you will get it stitched much faster than I am!

  10. […] made some great progress this week and so far haven’t come up with against the issues Leslie and Jenna have been having. Of course, I haven’t started backstitching, […]

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