Posted by: ralphy36 | May 6, 2007

A slightly better start to May

So, I have been a bit more in a stitchy mood so far in May. I have been a bit busy, but I at least am starting to feel like I am making progress again.

To start off the week, I pulled out my Bordeaux Sampler again. I really did make progress on it, even though it might not look like it. Tons of green backstitching and a multitude of Rhodes grapes.

I also spent some time on Wednesday stitching on Stargazer. I didn’t make any visible progress on her this past week so I didn’t bother with a pic. I hope to make a bunch of progress this week as I really enjoyed working on her again.

Then over the weekend, I spent my time getting a start on my Neighborhood Round Robin. I really hate basting, so I have been doing a little at a time and it really drains my stitching energy. I did manage to baste one whole block so that I could at least make a start on my portion of the piece. I chose to do the house and tree from Lady Scarlet by Lilybet Designs. Here is my meager start. Now that I am finished with Barnabee, Friday nights are going to be reserved for Round Robins and Exchanges. I will have very busy Fridays as my neighborhood has to be mailed on June 1 and I have a birthday exchange and our Dragon RR due to go out on July 1. I had better get stitching:)

Here is my start on Lady Scarlet. My RR is stitched on 40 ct Creme Brulee linen by R and R Reproductions. It is an absolutely stunning color.



  1. Your Bordeaux Sampler is looking gorgeous!

  2. Nice start on Lady Scarlet! I’m working on Lady Violet. It’s fun to stitch!

  3. Bordeaux looks spectacular!

  4. Bordeaux Sampler is looking gorgeous, great progress

  5. Bordeaux is looking great, and a great start on your RR.

  6. Oh, the Bordeaux is looking beautiful! Congrats!

  7. Bordeaux is looking fabulous and I can’t wait to see your progress on Stargazer. Lady Scarlet looks beautiful – I just love those Lilybet “Ladies”.

  8. Bordeaux looks great – I can see your progress!!! Oh, I am so dreading basting my fabric too, but I know I have to do it quite soon!! Ugh!! Your start looks great – I love Lady Scarlet!

  9. Thanks for your note on the Neighborhood RR, Zoe!! :)) I love Lady Scarlet and you have more done than I do on my piece. I’d better get going! Deb

  10. Bordeaux is looking great!!

  11. Bordeaux is looking really great Leslie.

  12. Bordeaux is lovely, and it looks like a nice start on the RR. I love your fabric choice!

  13. Wow- great progress! Congrats.

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