Posted by: ralphy36 | April 1, 2007

March Progress and April Goals

So here is my progress for March. As I had suspected, my trip to Boston and unexpected shoulder issues really hindered my stitching this month. I made good progress, but didn’t quite meet my goals.

1. Finish two pools on Potager du Roi-finished 1 and a half
2. Finish Bordeaux Sampler through part 3-Almost
3. Stitch on Stargazer-yes
4. Finish Part 2 of Barnabee’s Quest-yes
5. Finish Page 2 of German Garden-no
6. Stitch Spring Dragon for Dragon RR-About 2/3 finished
7. Stitch a Christmas Ornamentno
8. Stitch one hour on My lady’s needlecase-no
9. Start Mystery Exchange-no

And here are my goals for April.
1. Finish all the side pools on Potager du Roi
2. Finish Bordeaux Sampler through part 3
3. Stitch on Stargazer
4. Finish Barnabee’s Quest
5. Finish Part 2 of German Garden
6. Finish Spring Dragon
7. Finish Mystery Exchange
8. Baste fabric for Neighborhood RR and pick a pattern

Now off to try and finish my Spring Dragon. I should have some good progress pics later today.



  1. Not bad progress at all, considering you were among the walking wounded for a while 🙂

  2. Best of luck with your goals this month!

  3. Great goals and finishes. I gave up listing goals b/c I kept forgetting to check them at the beginning of the next month. 🙂 Good Luck with them. Ann.

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