Posted by: ralphy36 | March 10, 2007

Cooper d’état

My owner has not returned after several days, apparantly abandoning me with my sister and her 2nd tier pet, the human male. In the absence of leadership, I, Cooper D. Cat, am SEIZING control of this household along with the related blog.


My first cross-stitching efforts are proving difficult, so I have determined that the format of this blog will change to one primarily concerned with napping, eating, and chasing. And napping.

So it has been said, so it shall be done.

His Excellency, LORD COOPER…. out.


  1. Lord Cooper doesn’t look too happy….lol. Seriously he is adorable!

  2. LOL. I’m guessing you’re in Boston. 😉

  3. Hahaha, too funny! 😀

  4. Very cute!

  5. LOL 😀

  6. Definitely a cat “in charge”….

  7. And it should not be any other way! LOL!

  8. too funny and cute!

  9. LOL. Such a cute and funny photo! :0)

  10. You are so funny, that post had me laughing so hard. I made sure my kitties didn’t see it. I don’t want them getting any idea. 🙂 Ann.

  11. How funny!!

  12. LOL!!!

  13. My cats contribute to my stitching as well; every completed cross stitch piece is embedded with many colored cat hairs throughout…and they are impossible to remove, even with a tweezers!

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