Posted by: ralphy36 | March 4, 2007

This week in stitchville

So, I have been a busy stitcher this week. Wednesday I pulled out Stargazer made some good progresson her. I was having such a great time stitching on her that I couldn’t resist her. Thursday, instead of stitching on my German Garden, I worked on her some more. I now have stitches going the entire width of her skirt and probably have 20-30% of the cross stitch done. I am definitly about halfway through the bottom page of the pattern. When I finish my Barnabee’s Quest SAL, I will probably start working on her two nights per week and she should be done in no time:)


Friday as usual was my night with Barnabee the Bee! He is such a fun little guy. I have finished the bands up through band 14 with the exception of a few stitches in the over one violets. In order to feel like I got a lot done, I worked on the border and then used that as a guide to stitch on some of the simpler bands. I got easily frustrated with the backstitched verse in part 1 and I wasn’t quite prepared to tackle that last night. I really loved stitching the watermelon and the herringbone stitched border. The space in the herrigbone band will eventually be filled in with an over one bunny.


In addition to working on these two pieces, I have also started my Seasonal Dragons Round Robin. I am stitching this piece with Jenna, Outi and Christine. We are all stitching the same piece, but everyones piece will be a little different by virtue of who stitches each season. It will also be neat as we are stitching the seasons in a set order so we will each get to stitch all the dragons. Our first maildate is April 15, so I plan on doing an hour or so of stitching here and there to get it done in time. So far it is stitching up pretty quick. Here is my progress on the Spring Dragon after about two and a half hours.


I am stitching them on a piece of 32 ct. Ghost Gum linen by Stitches and Spice that I purchased from Carol when I was first thinking about joining this RR. It is very pretty and I like a lot better than the plain black that was suggested. I still laugh when I think about the color name as I imagine Casper the friendly ghost chewing gum. It produces quite the image in my mind:)


  1. Stargazer looks wonderful! Great start to the dragon RR.

  2. Stargazer is a beauty. I’m loving the progress you’re making on her.

  3. Your Stargazer is looking beautiful! The fabric is wonderful 🙂

  4. I love your Stargazer, I understand why you can’t put her down! Barnabee is so great, I like that chart a lot. You have some lovely projects, you did so well in February, keep it up!!!

  5. Lovely progress on everything Leslie!

  6. Ohhh…stargazer…lovley 🙂
    So the dragon RR begins…I’m anxious to see the groups progress!

  7. The fabric you are using for Stargazer is quite lovely! I really like the thread colors in Barnabee’s Quest too – have seen this on a number of blogs – so bright and cheery – reminds me of spring! Great job on all the stitching you have accomplished this week!

  8. You had a great stitching week, Leslie! Everything looks great. I love Barnabee’s Quest 🙂

  9. Looks great! I love Stargazer and can’t wait to stitch that one myself. I also really love the band sampler, very beautiful.

  10. Wow, you’ve made great progress on everything! Thanks for the reminder on the dragons. I pulled out the fabric and most of the threads the other night, so I will have to figure out what I want to do for a border and grid out the 4 squares. I need to get started soon. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  11. ohmygosh… Stargazer and Barnabee look amazing! You’re really getting a lot done on these pieces!!

  12. Just a quick hello from Lesley to Leslie! I started those seasonal dragons last autumn, but didn’t get very far. Maybe you’ll motivate me to get going again. I’ll check back and see how you’re getting on.

  13. Great progress on Stargazer and Barnabee! They are both looking great! I love the Ghost Gum too – so pretty!

  14. Your stitching is awesome. I love the fabric you are stitching Stargazer on. Awesome! Ann.

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