Posted by: ralphy36 | February 22, 2007

Melt away snow!

The last two days we have made it above freezing for long enough to start to melt the ice in the area. We still have a two foot mound of ice on our front walk, but hopefully the next few days will make a dent in that too! Now everything is just wet and muddy…ick!

As for stitching…I didn’t get quite as much done on Bordeaux Sampler as I would have liked. I had hoped to get through all of the blackwork in part 3 this week, but I only managed about half. It still looks fantastic! I really like the blackwork.

Tonight while watching American Idol, I stitched on Stargazer. I am almost to the far left hand of her skirt. Here she is so far…

Off to do some reading before bed. I am currently reading “The Five Empresses”, short biographies of five Tsarinas of Russia. It is a pretty interesting read. After I finish this book, I will be pulling out the first six Harry Potter books. I plan on reading them before the final installment comes out in July. On one hand I am looking forward to it, but it will be sad to no longer have a new book to look forward to.



  1. Your stitching looks great, Leslie! 🙂
    Know what you mean about the last Harry Potter book 🙂

  2. Lovely progresses!!! You are making amazing progress on Bordeaux – I can’t believe how quickly are getting caught up 🙂 So sorry you are not coming to Celebration – I was so hoping you would!

  3. Hello! Found your blog from a blog, from a blog…….lol

    Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and that I’m loving your Mystery! Super job!

  4. Fabulous progress on both pieces! My HP books will be coming out as soon as I’ve finished my book for book club. It will be fun to re-read them all again, but I agree…also sad.

  5. Awesome progress on Bordeaux – you’re catching us up so quickly 😀 I have to admit I didn’t enjoy stitching the blackwork band so much, but I really love how it looks 😀 Your Mira is looking gorgeous 😀 Also, I have to ask you about a couple of charts, but I’ll send you an email …

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