Posted by: ralphy36 | February 11, 2007

Long over due!

Well, for some reason, I have been super tired all week and have focused my energy on stitching rather than blogging. I have done a good job at stitching though! I was able to stitch on all my weekly WIPS and made good progress on them all.

Here is Bordeaux Sampler. Just a few leaves and a lot of grapes left in part two. I had really hoped to finish part two this week, but it just didn’t happen.

Wednesday is now my evening with Stargazer. I was paricularly sleepy that night so I didn’t get as much done as I would like to. I no longer have the carry over to Saturday morning to make huge progress each week. I am still really loving her. I also got the beads for her earlier in the week. I had a hard time convincing myself not to pull out my beading needles. As much fun as I have with the beading, it really is easier to save it until the end.

Thursday was a night in the garden. I did a lot of back stitch and had fun with the little butterflies around the pool. They are so cute and I am thinking of making one a “signature” when I finish my bigger pieces. I have always loved butterflies and would represent that it was my piece.

Last night was spent with the bees (and all my Barnabee’s Quest SAL-mates). I made some great progress. I am three bands and some border away from finishing part 1! This is progressing very nicely and is just a lovely piece:)
Since I fell asleep after work Friday and didn’t get but an hour of stitching in, I allowed myself a little more stitching with B today. After dinner I will be good and work some on my Mystery.

And I will leave you with a cute picture of Cooper. This is him chewing on something on the table…bad boy!!!

PS-I had fun answering those questions, so feel free to ask any others!



  1. Wow, that’s quite a lot of stitching for a week! Great work. 🙂

  2. Yay Leslie! All your WIPS look great – what progress! And congratulations on getting through Part 2 of Bordeaux – you are close enough to call yourself through it! Excellent!

  3. Wow! You made great progress 🙂

  4. Great progress on all your WIPs!

  5. Wow, everything looks wonderful.

  6. Hi! Just came across your blog. Your WIPS look great! Will stop by again

  7. All of your pieces are looking amazing! You are really zooming along on Barnabee. And your Bordeaux Sampler looks fantastic – love it on that fabric.

  8. I love the fabric you are using for Stargazer. It is beautiful. I have been looking at that pattern on the Silkweaver website for sometime and plan on stitching it soon. What fabric are you using?

  9. They all look great! Cooper is adorable! 🙂

  10. Great progress on all your projects. Aaah your kitty looks and behaves like mine!

  11. All of your WIPs look lovely – look forrward to seeing more!

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