Posted by: ralphy36 | February 5, 2007

Weekend over:(

It is very sad, but the weekend is over. Despite the PITA issues with the furnace, it was a really good weekend. Allen and I both should have done more cleaning, studying, etc. but we didn’t. It made for a rather relaxing weekend. After the workers left on Friday, we settled in for the night. Allen took a long nap on the couch while I stitched and watched a few episodes of Bones season one. I worked very hard on Stargazer. I should have put her away after that, but I didn’t (do you sense a theme). I kept going with her on Saturday as well. I finised all of the symbol “d” in her dress. Boy was that a ton of grey!! Here she is.
I will be moving my Stargazer night to Wednesday as of this week as Carol was interested in stitching on Barnabee’s Quest on Friday nights. Hopefully that means less Stargazer interfering with my Chatelaine Garden on the weekends:)

Later Saturday night while watching Spiderman, I was a good girl and pulled out my Chatelaine. I finished through part 11 on this corner. At least I am starting to feel like I am making progress. I wish you could see the sparkly braid on the railing.

Earlier today, Allen and I joined my parents and some family friends at a local Irish Pub for an early dinner and to hear Charlie Zahm and Tad Marks play. If you like Celtic/folk music, check them out as they are both fantastic. The food was really good too. Now I am hanging out watching Allen play Zelda. Before bed, we will fast forward through the TIVOd superbowl to check out the new crop of commercials. Can you tell neither of us is big into football:)

And i will leave you witha pick of Cooper. He was a bit mad that the back of the couch was covered in stuff. The back of the couch is one of his favorite places to sleep. He said “poop on you I am sleeping on your paperwork!!!”



  1. Yay – see you on Fridays with BQ! Stargazer is growing rapidly – wow!

  2. Both you WIPs are looking Stunning!! I love how Stargazer is looking on your fabby!

  3. Stargazer is coming along so quickly and is just beautiful and your Chatelaine, beyond words!

  4. Beautiful progress!

  5. Great progress 🙂

  6. Oh wow, Stargazer looks great! Nice progress on your Chatelaine, too!

  7. Oh, I know what you mean. I always hate when the weekend is over. 🙂 Great progress on both pieces, BTW. I’m glad that you got some time to relax!

  8. sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! your wip’s are looking wonderful.

  9. Your evening at the pub sounds wonderful! I’m sure you all had a GREAT time. 😀

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