Posted by: ralphy36 | January 31, 2007

January Progress and February Goals

So here is my update for January. All in all a good month!

1. Make good progress on M9-I would like to have most of the corner currently being stitched finished-Sort of
2. Finish Christmas Elf Fairy-Yup
3. Stitch on 17th Century German Garden-Yup
4. Stitch a name ornament-Nope
5. Stitch a Valentine’s Exchange-Yup
6. Stitch on Butterfly Rest-Nope
7. Stitch on Bordeaux MysteryYup

I also finished one christmas ornament and started Stargazer.

Apparently I forgot about my desire to stitch a name ornie and work on my Butterfly. Oh well:)

For February:
1. Finish one corner of M9
2. Continue Bordeaux Sampler SAL
3. Start Barnabee’s Quest SAL
4. Stitch on Stargazer
5. Stitch on German Garden
6. Participate in Christmas ornament SAL
7. Stitch baby sampler for my friend

Good luck me!!!



  1. You did great! Your list was long and busy, but you managed to make great progress!

  2. Good luck! You are very ambitious with your goals. 🙂

  3. Great progress in January!

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