Posted by: ralphy36 | January 28, 2007

And now for your regularly scheduled stitching post

Wow, I finally wrestled Cooper away from the computer. He can be a very persistent little chap! It has been a very pleasant few days in our household, despite the increased frequency of kitty spazings. I am not sure what is up with the two of them, but they have been especially hyper lately. I frequently feel as though the ceiling is going to cave in on me as I sit in the family room stitching.

So, earlier in the week I promised you a progress picture of my LTD German Garden. I am really pleased with how far I have gotten on this one. Last week, I worked on the circular gardens to the right of the center garden and on the mulberry trees at the very top of the garden. This piece is full of specialty stitches which have been a blast to learn. The circluar gardens are a laid/filled trellis stitch.

As of this coming week, I will only be working on my garden once a week, probably Wednesdays, as the Barnabee’s Quest SAL starts on February first.

On Friday and part of Saturday, I pulled out Stargazer. Again I had a hard time putting her down. I really made great progress on her this weekend and almost have stitches across the full width of her skirt. Yesterday, I made a quick stop at Michael’s because I am almost out of a couple of the main colors in her skirt.

After putting up Stargazer, I pulled out some ornament UFOs that I had started sometime last year. This weekend is the first monthly Ornament SAL and I thought that finishing these two up would be a great start to the new year. Unfortunatly, I seem to have misplaced on of the DMC colors for one of the ornaments. No problem I thought…I have to go to Michael’s to pick up some other threads anyway. Problem…the one color they were out of was 815, the color I needed for this ornament. So, it will remain unfinished for a little while longer until I can get to ACMoore or another Michael’s to buy some 815. Today, the other ornie came out to play and hopefully it will be done tonight.



  1. Great progress on your WIPs Leslie! The LTD Garden is very pretty 🙂

  2. German Garden looks great and Stargazer is stitching up quickly. Love that fabric.

  3. German Garden looks really nice; I love the mulberry trees, as they are so delicate. 🙂

  4. Your German Garden is so pretty! Did you hear this year may be the last year for CATS??

  5. Both your WIPs are looking fantastic! Tell Cooper he is adorable!

  6. German Garden is going to be stunning, the colours are so pretty!

    Love the pics of Cooper 🙂

  7. The garden piece is really pretty. I like doing specialty stitches too, they are fun. The fabric you are doing stargazer on is gorgeous. The stitching is great too! Ann.

  8. Wow – you’ve been getting lots of stitching done – I’m anxious to see more of that German Garden!

  9. excellent progress on your WIPs. I’ve been enjoying your garden sampler very much!

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