Posted by: ralphy36 | January 16, 2007

My Three-day Weekend…

was spent cleaning and stitching. We are having friends over next weekend for a game night, so I desperately need to make our home a bit more presentable. While taking breaks from cleaning I also stitched and went to a baby shower for one of my best high school friends.

Here is all the stitching I have done since my last update…

After finishing up Christmas Fairy I decided to work on Stargazer for a little while. That is how I spent my Thursday and Friday evenings. I really love that piece. The colors really call to me and it is a pretty quick stitch. As my CC got charged from Stitching Bits and Bobs the other day, my beads for this piece should be on their way along with my kreinik for Barnabee’s Quest. Here is how she looks so far. Sorry for the crappy pic.

On Saturday and Sunday, I worked a little on M9. I am not sure why this piece is just not calling to me. Not much left in this corner though. I spent some time on the corner pool while watching the Illusionist (great movie) and Superman Returns (2.5 hours of my life lost) on Sunday. I hope I get into another groove with this one again soon!!!

And today, I am officially finished with Part 1 of Bordeaux Mystery. Then I went on to work some on Part 2. Part 2 is really pretty, but there are tons of over one grapes. I think they may bee the death of me!



  1. All set Leslie! I got you in Bloglines now šŸ™‚ Your Bordeaux looks great! Did you see Anne’s – she started Part 4 already! I wonder with everyone moving if they will be able to access the NRR blog that I will be setting up?? Do you still have a blogger account so that you can post to the RR blog too??

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