Posted by: ralphy36 | January 10, 2007

Wine Sampler

On Monday, I had my third annual evaluation since starting my current job. For part of the eval, my boss observed me facilitating a clinical staffing at the high school I work with. All the teachers, admin and other staff on the team are really great so facilitating meetings is not hard, but we are usually extremely silly (including the staff on the team who are my boss’s equivalents on the tree of power) and it was hard for us all to keep ourselves a bit more sober. I was so tired just from trying to be serious at that meeting. All in all, the eval went well and I get to skip evals next year. Yeah!! Now if I could only get myself together enough to do the paperwork to take the clinical social worker’s exam. Hopefully soon.

After my tiring meeting on Monday, I didn’t feel much like stitching. I did a little work on my Valentine’s Exchange and put Bordeaux off until tonight. I didn’t get part one finished like I had hoped, but I did make some great progress. Those overone letters took a fair amount of time to do. Stitching was made even more pleasant this evening by the Washington Caps beating the stink out of the Philadelphia Flyers as of the end of the second period.

Today, I was also good in that I actually did some exercise. As an amusing little motivator for myself I am going to do a Leslified version of the “Walk to Rivendell” that many other bloggers have been participating in. As I prefer to excercise in my home and our primary cardio equiptment is a recumbent bike, I will actually be biking to Rivendell and beyond over the course of 2007. Let us see how far along the path to Minas Tirith I can get.

Today I biked 4 miles while watching Engineering and Empire. One more mile and I will Cross The Great Road from the Brandywine Bridge.



  1. Congratulations on your eval! I am sure you will do well on your social work exam when you take it. The Bordeaux Sampler sure doese take a looooong time to stitch, doesn’t it? I spent 30 minutes on it yesterday and only did two over one grapes.

  2. Your Bordeaux Sampler is just lovely and coming along quicker than you realize.

  3. Congrats on the eval! The sampler looks wonderful.

  4. Good luck with all that exercising. Ugh. Stitching sounds like much more fun, especially on that gorgeous sampler you’re doing!

  5. Good job on getting to skip next year’s evaluation! Would the exam be to get your LCSW certification or license or whatever? Bordeaux Sampler is looking great. I don’t envy you guys stitching over 1 on high count fabric, but I admire your work! Oh, and as someone who used to be a fan, I can attest to the fact that the Flyers suck this year. 😉

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