Posted by: ralphy36 | January 6, 2007

A great stitching week!

Wow, I have been super busy with stitching this week. On Monday and Tuesday, I got down to work on Bordeaux Mystery. I am now more than halfway done with part one. I hope to have part one done next week….if those over one words don’t kick my butt! Maybe someday I will catch up with Carol and Anne:)

Wednesday and Thursday, I spent a little time with Christmas Fairy and my Valetine’s Exchange. She is getting so close to a finish. Just her hat, the tree and half her wing left and then on to the beading. I am starting to think about how I am going to finish her. Unfortunatly these pieces are an ackward size and don’t fit nicely into any standard size frame, so I am thinking about finishing her up as a flat fold. I have seen these fairies done that way a couple of places and they look nice. Keep your eye out for my first finish of 07 in the next week or two:)

Speaking of framing, Allen and I have decided to try our hand at framing some bigger pieces. We found a place that sells custom sized frames and mats, we just have to stretch the piece and put it in the frame. We shall see how they turn out. I am waiting to get a set of the companies sample mats to pick something out for both Woodland Fairy and my RR.

And last night and this afternoon, I stitched on Stargazer. I am REALLY enjoying this piece and had a hard time putting her away to stitch on M9 tonight. The blues are so pretty and it is looking fantastic on the fabric I picked for it. It looks like as long as I stay interested in this piece, it should be a fast stitch. It may actually take longer to get the beads that I ordered than for me to stitch it:)


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy! Bordeaux has been calling me too… not to worry, I am not getting much done on it at each sitting. Over one stitching on 40 ct requires a certain mood, for sure. Great fabric choice for Stargazer. Thanks for your well wishes for Angus – he is improving, yet today Gig was at the emergency vet.

  2. I love those little fairies, haven’t yet heard them screaming at me but yours is awful pretty. :o)

    I just started my Stargazer 2 days ago as well! I love your fabric, it’s going to be lovely for this stitch. I’m stitching mine onto an afghan that is about the same color as the pic for the chart. It’s huge.

    Good luck w/the framing thing. I’d imagine there’s a bit of $ to be had doing that.

  3. All of your pieces look great! I especially love Christmas Fairy and the fabric for Stargazer. Ann.

  4. Everything you are stitching looks wonderful. I especially like the fabric for Stargazer. Christmas Elf Fairy shouldn’t take too much longer.

  5. Great progress on everything, Leslie! I love the Elf Fairy and you’ve made a great start on Stargazer.

  6. You’re making great progress, Leslie! I wish I had your discipline. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Wow… all your WIPs are looking great. I can’t wait to see your Christmas Elf Fairy completed… I think she’s so lovely!

    I still haven’t decided what I’ll stitch Stargazer on. I have a lot of pieces on bluish fabrics already so I was looking for something a bit different that would complement her… ughhh… who knows.

  8. Great stitching! You are a powerhouse right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Beautiful projects. You have been busy with your needlework : ) Bordeaux [maybe mis-spelled] is a fabulous piece. Way to go

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