Posted by: ralphy36 | January 2, 2007

A Little New Year Stitching

So 2006 is finally over and here is my first post of 2007. Allen and I didn’t do anything too exciting for New Year’s Eve. I went out shopping early in the day and bought all the goodies for a yummy dinner. I made us Veal Saltimbocca which was absolutely delicious and we had a lovely bottle of Asti. In between yummy meals and hanging out with Allen, I did a whole bunch of stitching. I got a huge amount done on M9. Now it goes away until next weekend. It was hard to put it away, but I did;) I would love to show you pics of M9, but is not posting nicely like everything else

As for the rest of my weekend, I had a really good time on Saturday at my LNS participating in a color class. I brought along Mira’s Fairie Treasures. I love the designs, but I am super tired of yellows after stitching Woodland Fairy. I loved the blue-greens in the leaves around her dress so I made those the color of the dress and picked some other greens for the leaves. To show how horrible some of these designer provided pics are, FT’s ribbons are actually purple, although they look mauve/pink in the photo. I am undecided as to whether I will leave it as the purple as charted, or change it to a pink. I think the pink goes better with the colors I picked for the dress. While at the LNS I also picked out a lovely piece of Picture This Plus linen called Sterling. It matches perfectly, but I will not be stitching on this for a while as I was a bad girl.

Bad Leslie kitted up Mira’s Stargazer today instead. I had the piece of 32 ct. Starquest linen from Silkweaver and pulled all the DMC I need. I also ordered the beads from SB&B’s New Years sale. I won’t need them anytime soon, so I doesn’t matter if it takes forever…they were cheap! While I was messing with my DMCs, I also pulled all the DMC I will need for the Barnabee’s Quest SAL that will be starting in February. Here is my minimal progress on Stargazer. I wanted to get some stitching in on Bordeaux Mystery tonight as well.

And other good news…my Round Robin from The Robin’s Nest arrived home over the weekend. Mylene, Christine and Renee all did an amazing job on it. There is a specialty frame shop in town, so I will have to go see if they have an appropriate sized square frame for it. I am so pleased at how it turned out and loved the whole experience. I am looking forward to the Seasonal Dragon Round Robin that is being planned on the board for this coming spring. It should be a blast as we have some wonderful ladies planning on stitching it:)

Well, back to work in the morning!! Ick!!!



  1. I wish you were going to be stitching up the piece you changed the colors on so we could see how it’s turning out. I love Stargazer, your fabric is just beautiful and perfect for her.

  2. You had fun-I love the fabric for Stargazer. Great choice. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy 🙂 I like your fabric choice for Stargazer!

  4. Your RR looks lovely! Congratulations to all of you. Good choice for a RR too 🙂 Stargazer is beautiful and that fabric looks perfect. would love to see what you’ll do with Fairie Treasures though!

  5. Your RR looks great – I stitched on the same one for a RR I was just in LOL!

    Your Stargazer fabric has me awestruck! Its no wonder you can’t wait to get some stitches put into this one. I’m looking forwards to your progress.

  6. I love the fabric for Stargazer! Your RR looks wonderful. Happy New Year!

  7. The colour class sounds really interesting. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that those ribbons in FT are purple!!

    Your RR turned out great!!

    Can’t wait to see more Stargazer progress 🙂

  8. I love your Stargazer choice as well. I have STargazer as one of my WIP. I must get some more progress done and share a pic. I look forward to seeing your Stargazer “come to life”.

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