Posted by: ralphy36 | December 29, 2006

December Progress and January Goals

The end of the month is rapidly approaching, so I thought I would post my December progress and goals for the first month of 2007. Later I will post some year long goals as well.

Here is how I did in December:
1. Finish center and part 9 of M9 (I mean it this time)-Hopefully tonight or tomorrow..shouldn’t be a problem.
2. Finish Santa at the Seashore-Finished, framed and will be gifted tomorrow
3. Stitch on Bordeaux Sampler with Anne and Carol-Yup, only a few more grapes to finish page one.
4. Stitch on Christmas Elf Fairy-Finished her dress and made a good start on her wings
5. Stitch on Butterfly Rest-Unfortunatly no
I also stitched on:
6. 17th Century German Garden

Not bad for the month…so on to January. For the upcoming month I would like to:
1. Make good progress on M9-I would like to have most of the corner currently being stitched finished
2. Finish Christmas Elf Fairy
3. Stitch on 17th Century German Garden
4. Stitch a name ornament
5. Stitch a Valentine’s Exchange
6. Stitch on Butterfly Rest
7. Stitch on Bordeaux Mystery



  1. Great job with your goals! I finished MIX last night – boy, that is a relief!!!

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