Posted by: ralphy36 | December 29, 2006

Annual Goals

As promised here are the goals that I had planned to work on for 2006.

2006 Goals
Current rotation goals:
-Finish Celtic Winter-Finished in August
-Finish Woodland Fairy-Finished in November
-Finish White Wedding by mid April-Finished in October
-Complete at least ½ of Olde World Map-Nope
-Finish one section of Mystery IX each month-I did up until August
-Complete ½ of Butterfly Rest-Nope
-Finish Lilies as part of Magazine Mania SAL-Nope

I also worked on the following-
1. Finished September Garden Sampler
2. Finished Santa at the Seashore
3. Thirteen Exchanges
4. Three rounds of a round robin
5. Worked on Christmas Elf Fairy
6. Worked on 17th Century German Garden.

For 2007 I WILL do the following:
1. Finish Mystery 9
2. Finish Bordeaux Mystery
3. Finish Christmas Elf Fairy
4. Finish 17th Century German Garden
5. Finish one Christmas ornament per month
6. Participate in a Seasonal Dragons RR
7. Get to the halfway point in either Olde World Map or Butterfly Rest (will eventually replace M9 as my weekend piece)
8. Participate in the two 2007 exchanges I have committed to and no additional ones

As I make progress on these goals, I would LIKE to work on the following pieces:
1. Halloween Fairy-Mirabilia
2. Stargazer-Mirabilia
3. Viking’s Prayer
4. Kitty Months-Calico Crossroads
5. My Lady’s Needlecase-Brightneedle
6. CHS alphabet

If by the end of the summer I am making great progress on these goals, I will be allowed to by the kit for Chatelaine’s St. Petersburg Mandala. I may also tie this in to some weightloss goals as well. Who knows.



  1. Impressive list of goals. You did well for 2006.

  2. You did quite well on your 2006 goals. Good luck on the 2007 ones, you can do it!

  3. You did well in 2006. Good luck with your 2007 goals. The idea of purchasing the St. Petersburg Mandala at the end of summer if your goals are coming along should be a wonderful insentive.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year 2007.

  4. Did I read that right 13 exchanges, Wow no wonder you are being so strick with yourself this New Year. Be Happy in the New Year and in your stitching., CJ

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