Posted by: ralphy36 | December 13, 2006

A few more pics

I thought I would try and get more into the habit of blogging more regularly again. For the last two months, I have been particularly tired upon coming home from work, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. Today, I was sleepy, but after a nap, I am feeling like sharing:)

Over this past weekend, I made some big progress on M9. I should have some more Delica beads on the way, so I should be able to finish part 9 the next time I stitch. Since I didn’t have the beads to finish part nine, I skipped ahead a bit to start on part ten. I started on one of the small pools. It is really pretty and I enjoyed stitching on something a bit different on this one for a change. The last three parts, although big, have enough different looking parts that I think it will keep my interest a bit better than parts 8 and 9. It really is huge now on the bigger qsnap:)

Tonight and yesterday, I was so tired I really didn’t do much stitching. I worked a bit on Bordeaux Mystery.Plus the frogs visited…my one boxer ended up losing his legs for a while. I really like this piece. The teeny tiny over one letters take a really long time though.

Last weekend I also did some fabric cutting for some quilted pillows. I am going to make a bunch up for some of my closer co-workers. The group I spent the most time with at work used to be quite small and we all used to spend a fair amount of money on gifts for each other. Over the last few years, our group has expanded significantly and has gotten to the point that none of us can afford to buy for everyone. I figured that by making everyone some pretty pillows for their offices, I can do something for everyone without spending a ton of money. I got a several yards of black and cream fabric for the borders of the pillow and then got a handful of pretty, colorful fat quarters on sale for the centers. I hope everyone enjoys them and they will brighten up all our cubes.

My stitching plans for the next few days will kind of depend on our plans for the weekend. We still have not firmed up our visits to Allen’s family for the holiday season, so there is a possibility that we will be doing some traveling this weekend. If we do go away for the weekend, I will be swapping my days stitching on M9 and Santa at the Seashore. I can take Santa with me a little more easily than M9. I really need to get cranking on Santa as he is going to be a giftie:)



  1. M9 & Bordeaux Mystery are still looking great. Sorry about the frogs.

  2. Don’t you just hate those darned frogs? Everything’s looking good, though. I love your ideas of the pillows for your coworkers. I think everyone will be pleased. πŸ™‚

  3. Great idea for the pillows πŸ™‚ And both Bordeaux & Mystery IX are looking good … I agree with you about the over-one lettering – probably my least favourite part of the whole thing πŸ˜‰ (Anne-Feather Stitching)

  4. M9 is looking gorgeous, sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the frogs

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