Posted by: ralphy36 | December 10, 2006

So close…

but still so far.

Actually not that bad. I almost finished part nine of Mystery Nine this evening, including the beads. I have three of the corners fully stitched and beaded through part 9. The fourth corner has a little straight stitch left in the artichoke, 2/3s of one swirl and the beading on that swirl left. I should be able to get all the stitching done after some errands tomorrow, but unfortunatly, I do not think I will be able to complete the beading as I am almost out of the gold delicas required in part 9. I have read on numerous sites that this has been a fairly common occurance, but that the kit provider has be very generous with providing extras. Eventhough I did not finish part 9 this evening, I did go ahead and move the piece on to a qsnap with extenders. Hopefully with this I will have enough room to finish the piece without adding additional extenders.

And here is my progress onto page two of By the Bay’s Santa at the Seashore. I really enjoy stitching this piece and hope to have it done soon. The pine fronds in the bottom border are especially fun! You can’t tell in the pic, but I actually do have some of Santa stitched. His face and beard don’t show up well with the flash. Still have yet to find the sheep though:)



  1. You’re moving along nicely with Mystery IX 🙂 And Santa by the Bay is looking great – it looks like a really fun stitch 😀

  2. Both of your WIPS are coming along nicely Leslie!

  3. Looks fantastic Leslie! Thanks for the headsup about the delicas beads. I had not heard that anywhere, so I will have to contact ECS. The reason I don’t do the beading until the end is that the Q-Snp just is too small, even with extenders – and with the extenders it is too hard to manuever… so, I will bead the outer part in hand, as I have with my other two huge Chatelaines…. sigh. I hope to be able to do all of that this month.

  4. Mystery IX looks wonderful, Leslie. There is just so much to it! I’d like to see more of Santa at the Seashore when you feel like taking it off of the Q-snaps for a larger picture. 🙂

  5. Your work is great Leslie and I just think the By the Bay Santa is so fun. Happy Holidays, CJ

  6. M9 looks wonderful and your By The Bay Santa is coming along nicely too.

  7. Wow! You are making great progress on the Mystery Sampler – you do have a lot of time for stitching these days!

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