Posted by: ralphy36 | December 9, 2006

So close…

but still so far.

Actually not that bad. I almost finished part nine of Mystery Nine this evening, including the beads. I have three of the corners fully stitched and beaded through part 9. The fourth corner has a little straight stitch left in the artichoke, 2/3s of one swirl and the beading on that swirl left. I should be able to get all the stitching done after some errands tomorrow, but unfortunatly, I do not think I will be able to complete the beading as I am almost out of the gold delicas required in part 9. I have read on numerous sites that this has been a fairly common occurance, but that the kit provider has be very generous with providing extras. Eventhough I did not finish part 9 this evening, I did go ahead and move the piece on to a qsnap with extenders. Hopefully with this I will have enough room to finish the piece without adding additional extenders.

And here is my progress onto page two of By the Bay’s Santa at the Seashore. I really enjoy stitching this piece and hope to have it done soon. The pine fronds in the bottom border are especially fun! You can’t tell in the pic, but I actually do have some of Santa stitched. His face and beard don’t show up well with the flash. Still have yet to find the sheep though:)


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