Posted by: ralphy36 | December 2, 2006

November and December Goals

Here were my goals for the month of November. I think I did fairly well. What do you think?:)

1. Finish Woodland Fairy-YEAH Super Happy Dance
2. Finish part 9 of M9-Not quite
3. Stitch on Santa at the Seashore-Yes
4. Stitch two holiday exchanges Done and mailed out

And now for my December goals:
1. Finish center and part 9 of M9 (I mean it this time)
2. Finish Santa at the Seashore
3. Stitch on Bordeaux Sampler with Anne and Carol
4. Stitch on Christmas Elf Fairy
5. Stitch on Butterfly Rest

I have some great pics of some WIPs and some exchanges I received and will post them after I get some good yard work done. Last night I made a good start on the center of M9 and I hope to get it done later this evening. I really like what Martina did for the center. I was thinking early on that a sundial would be a perfect finish for the center. I had actually been looking for some kind of sundial charm just in case I wasn’t thrilled with what the center looked like.


  1. Looking forward to those pics Leslie!

    Great job with your goals – and I am psyched to see you have Bordeaux on your list for December… yay!!! I am looking forward to stitching this with you and Anne

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