Posted by: ralphy36 | November 13, 2006

Weekend Progress

This weekend I made a lot of good crafty progress! On Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting with Jo. I always enjoy getting together with Jo and stitching with her. While there, I got a great deal done on my two Holiday Exchanges.

Friday and Saturday nights I worked on Mystery9. I have one corner completely done including beads. Hopefully if this rain ever stops I can get a better pic of all the sparklies!

Before going out to dinner tonight for a friend’s birthday, I spent some time in my craft room with the sewing machine. I wanted to do some machine piecing practice before I pull out the big quilt top kit that I have. Today I made this cute little pillow. I think I am going to make little pillows for a few work friends that I exchange holiday gifts with. I am going to have fun picking out fabric for them.



  1. Wow, that pillow is really cute! I love the colours! Great progress on M9, too.

  2. That’s a great pillow, Leslie! I like the colors and pattern. I’m glad to hear that you and Jo had fun. πŸ™‚

  3. Your sparkly corner is so pretty!!! You need to join Anne and I on Bordeaux Sampler! We are only on Part 2, not so very far along! Glad you had fun with Jo!

  4. Love your pillow Leslie, it’s really pretty!

  5. Great progress on M9 and I love the pillow πŸ™‚

  6. Your Mystery 9 looks good, nice pic of the sparklies. Nice pillow too.

  7. Your visit with Jo sounds like so much fun! I love the pillow you made πŸ™‚

  8. oohh, thats a very sparkly bit of stitching Leslie πŸ™‚ Your pillow is lovely too. take care.

  9. Hello from France. Beautiful results. Best wishes for the next stitching step.

  10. Isn’t stitching together with a friend wonderful!!
    Great progress on M9 and what a pretty pillow.

  11. M9 looks great! I love the pillow-very pretty colors. They will make great gifts.

  12. Love that pillow you’ve just finished!
    Your progress on Mistery is great too…love all that sparkle in the corner

  13. I think your pillow makes a great gift idea!

  14. Wow, your Mystery 9 is stunning! I never realised it was such a sparkly piece. My admiration for you Mystery 9 girls increases every day!

  15. I love the pillow and what a great gift idea!!!

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