Posted by: ralphy36 | October 30, 2006

WIP Pictures

So, here is my stitching progress over the last week. Monday I worked on the hair and wing of Woodland Fairy. I really love this one:) I really can’t wait to finish her, but I have mixed feelings about all the twigs and leaves. I didn’t really enjoy stitching the ones on the bottom and there are tons more in the top half of the piece. Well, I have already started with them…so I press onward.

This weekend, I put my nose to the grindstone on M9. I am SOOOO far behind on this one. I haven’t officially finished part 8, yet part 11 comes out on Wednesday. Oh well!! All I have left on part 8 is the satin stich leaves on two of the artichokes. I think I am going to do the beading as I go. I have one and a half swirls beaded so far. After I finish part 9, I will need to pull out the q snap extension. It is getting really big:) I like what I have seen of part 10, but it is just so huge. I like the colors in it a lot better than all that yellow in the little triangles. It reminds me of splattered omlettes.

On and off throughout the week, I have been working on Santa by the Seashore by By the Bay. It is such a cute piece and a fairly quick stitch. I am a bit confused by it though. I was reading the stitching instructions and there were backstitch instructions for the eyes and tail of the sheep. I am not quite sure where the sheep is…do you?

And here is my progress…

In order to make some more progress on my pieces and get some smaller finishes done, I am re thinking my rotation. For the time being it will be:

Monday/Tuesday-Woodland Fairy
Thursday-Santa and Exchanges
Weekend- M9

After Thanksgiving, my parenting class will be over and I will add Wednesday as a Small piece night. After I finish Woodland Fairy, I will put Butterfly Rest in its place. I have Butterfly Day hanging in our upstairs hallway and Allen keeps asking me when I will have its companion to put up. Off to do a little bit of Santa stitching before bed.



  1. Everything looks beautiful, Leslie! Love the Woodland Fairy – she is gorgeous!!

  2. Woodland Fairy is stunning and Santa is adorable ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Mystery 9 is coming along nicely too!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Sorry to say, I can’t find any sheep in the Santa picture either.

  4. Your pieces look great. Woodland Fairy is so pretty. You’re doing a great job!

  5. Your WIPs are all looking great! I love the Santa piece, I’ve never seen that before… it’s soooo cute!

    I know what you mean about those leaves on Woodland Fairy. Adia has those same annoying leaves all around the bottom and it took me *forever* to stitch them. I thought I’d finished them the other day and then realized that I left one out! It might stay that way LOL.

  6. Your Woodland Fairy looks gorgeous, Leslie! Had to laugh at the nonexistent sheep on your Santa design.

  7. Hi Leslie ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if the backstitch instructions for the sheep are from one of the other two in that series, and just a typo. I sure don’t see any sheep – LOL
    Your fairy looks fantastic – sorry you don’t like the branches – yikes!

    Your M9 looks fantastic! It is great that you are beading as you go! I only beaded my center so far because of my Q-Snap – I will be beading for days on end when this finishes. You are right – hit the nail on the head – the yellow does make the little gardens look a bit like splattered omelets!

  8. They’re all looking lovely

  9. Your WIPs are all looking great!
    Maybe the sheep is hidden behind the lighthouse LOL

  10. Your WIP’s are looking great. The one Christmas one looked finished. That one is so cute too.

  11. Wow! You have done some serious stitching lately. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything looks great!

  12. M9 looks fantastic! I had a giggle over the omlette comment – gave me a super visual!

    Your fairy is just darling!! and Santa is looking great, but I cant seem to see any sheep either!

  13. Lovely progress pics, Leslie. Your fairy looks stunning, and the Santa design is too cute! But sheep… No I haven’t spotted any.

  14. all you stitching is lovely Leslie, looking forward to seeing more of the Santa design (and I can’t see a sheep either, lol)

  15. Beautiful work, Leslie! I can’t see any sheep in the Santa piece but maybe it was a typo and they meant ship?? Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

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