Posted by: ralphy36 | October 28, 2006

Autumn Exchange and Kitty Pics

Last week I received a lovely package in the mail. It was my Autumn Exchange from Kath. She stitched me a beautiful pumpkin she made into a flat fold and sewed a stunning tote bag. Kath is also going to be kind enough to send me instructions on making the tote. Allen and I sat staring at it for a while the other day trying to figure it out:) Aren’t the colors lovely and just perfect for fall. Kath also included some cute autumn napkins and fall colored DMC floss:) Thanks Kath!!!


And now for some kitty pics…unfortunatly the best one is hard to see. Thursday I came home from work and could not find either of my kitties. Neither one was in their more obvious afternoon nappy spots. When I went into our bedroom to change into my jammies for the night, I noticed the comforter I had folded on the floor had unfolded itself a bit. Upon closer inspection, I found that Cooper had made himself a nest in it. This is as close as I could get without scaring him off. Unfortunately he is a black cat sleeping in a black blanket. If you look really hard at the end by the stand fan and mirror, you can two greyish little circle…those are his ears:)


When I got a bit closer he ran off, but I took a pic of the hole he had made for himself. He was all cute and cuddly:)


I have been stitching this week. I worked on Woodland Fairy, M9 and started Christmas at the Seashore by By the Bay. I hope to post progress pics later this weekend:)


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