Posted by: ralphy36 | October 14, 2006

Long over due

Yup…I am not quite sure what happened with my posting this week. I just really haven’t felt like posting. I have done quite a bit of stitching though.

1. My Autumn Exchange was finished and mailed.

2. I stitched Monday on Woodland Fairy. I got a little more done on her wings this week. After I finish White Wedding, I might designate an additional day to work on her as I am not that far from a finish on her either.


3. I finished what will be the last round of an RR for me. This is Christine’s RR. The three other ladies in this group still have one more round, but as Renee is only stitching for us, there was a free slot in the rotation. It actually worked out well for me as I don’t have an RR obligation for the rest of the year. I plan on using that stitching time for a few Christmas gifts. I guess I need to get stitching. Here is the winter heart I did for Christine’s piece. I used an entire skein of DMC 519. These hearts are charted for full color, but Christine requested that we pick a single color that we felt represented the season. I like the blue glare you see off snow in the winter…hence I picked a nice blue.

Here is a pick of the three hearts that have been done so far. Christine did the green spring heart and Mylene did the red summer heart. That leaves Fall for Renee. I hope Christine like how it turned out.

Now I am off to work on White Wedding. I have been inspired by Anne finishing her Dratteds this week, so I am going to put a lot of effort into getting this done ASAP. It may not be this weekend, but it will be soon. I would like to get it to my mom for framing by the end of the month.


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