Posted by: ralphy36 | September 10, 2006

A Weekend of Stitching

It has been a good stitching weekend. Friday night, Allen had a couple of friends over for dinner and cartoon watching. I spent my evening watching The Venture Brothers with the guys and finished all of the charted stitching on Brotherly Love. All I need to do now is add the names and birthdays of my friend’s little boys. I will go ahead and wait until the baby arrives to complete it.


After finishing Brotherly Love, it was on to put some time in on Mystery 9. I really want to catch up after falling a bit behind last month. I am still not sure it is possible as those silly artichokes take so long. I am totally done with the stitching for parts 8 and 9 on half of the piece and got a good start of part8 on a third corner. Hopefully, I will be almost done with that artichoke tonight.


And in exchange news, I received my Redwork Exchange from Ashleigh on Friday. She stitched a lovely quaker design and finished it as a photo album.120_2036.JPG

I am thinking about using this as an album for pics of my stitching, particularly those things I give as gifts. Thanks again Ashleigh!!


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