Posted by: ralphy36 | September 5, 2006

Weekend stitching… This weekend I did a great j…

Weekend stitching…

This weekend I did a great job, both on stitching and housework. I got my kitchen looking wonderful and did a good sweep of my family room. Plus I got a bunch of errands done on Saturday.

Stitchingwise, Saturday I worked some more on white wedding. I finished more on the left border….not worth taking a pic. On Sunday, I focused on Mystery nine. I got all the stitching and half the beading done on one corner of part 9. I also got a bit started on a second corner. Next weekend I am going to focus on getting part 8 done on the other two corners.

Here is an upclose of all the beads…

Today, my focus was Woodland Fairy. I managed to get two more of the flesh colors done this evening. Only one more to go. My plan is to the finish the last little holes on her dress. Then I will alternate between her wings and the twigs.

Ick back to work tomorrow. On my way home I will be stopping by the post office to mail off my Redwork Exchange. Hope it reaches its destination soon:)



  1. I like your new blog set up. Mystery 9 looks great and I LOVE Woodland Fairy. She looks real now that you’ve got so much of her skin showing :).

  2. Mystery IX looks really nice! Thanks for the closeup of all of the beads; it looks so beautiful and sparkly. 🙂

  3. Your Mystery is looking good!

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