Posted by: ralphy36 | August 31, 2006

A month of almosts… This is how I would descri…

A month of almosts…

This is how I would describe how I did on my August goals. Here they are:
1. Finish Woodland Fairy’s torso and face-torso only
2. Finish part 8 of Mystery 9-only half
3. Finish page four of White Wedding-one motif and the border left
4. Finish House theme Exchange-yes and received in Germany
5. Finish Redwork Exchange-yes, will do the finishing this weekend
6. Stitch on Butterfly Rest on Thursdays-yes
7. Stitch a little on My Lady’s Needlecase-no

So hopefully September will be a bit better. At least one of the weekends I will be away will be a stitching weekend at CATS Yay!! Here are my September goals:
1. finish body of Woodland Fairy
2. Finish parts 8 and 9 of Mystery 9
3. Finish page 4 and entire border of White Wedding
4. Finish Crazy Cat Lady exchange
5. Stitch on Butterfly Rest
6. Stitch birth sampler for work friend

Here is to a stitchful month!



  1. good luck for September! You did great in August!

  2. Your goals are impressive, I hope you reach them 🙂

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