Posted by: ralphy36 | August 23, 2006

A pressie and a pic I received a lovely surprise …

A pressie and a pic

I received a lovely surprise in the mail this afternoon after work. Ann (catandturtle) was sweet enough to send me a belated birthday present. She included a lovely sparkly fabbie, a skein of autumn shaded needle necessities thread and some piecemaker needles. Thank you so much Ann. It really improved my afternoon!! I had just spent 45 minutes in line at the grocery store, broken the sprinkler and dropped a can of coke on the carpet.

For the last two nights I have been stitching on the arm of my Woodland Fairy. I was able to complete one of the colors in her arm. I am so close, but still so far away from finishing this one. I keep thinking not too much longer and then it takes forever to complete a small section. It is worth it though…she is lovely!

Tonight, if my headache will go away, I will stitch some more on White Wedding. I also need to pull together a few small pieces to take with me this weekend when we go visit Allen’s mom and grandmother. AAAhhhh a weekend at the lake:)



  1. Happy Belated Birthday Leslie!

  2. What a lovely present! It sounds like you needed it today 🙂

  3. Your progress is looking great, Leslie 🙂
    Sending you hugs for your B-day (sorry I missed it) and for Wednesday and you can carry them over if needed 🙂

  4. Woodland Fairy is coming out great. It’s always nice when the body starts appearing and it looks like there is finally a person in there. When this happens I always get more inspired to stitch more on the piece.

  5. What a lovely pressie from Ann. Hope your headache has gone and your feeling much better!

  6. Your doing a great job on the woodland fairy. I really like the browns. What a sweet surpise in the mail to make the day brighter. hope your headache goes away soon.

  7. Leslie, you are very welcome. I am glad it cheered you up; it doesn’t sound like you were having much fun that night. 😀 Have a relaxing time at the lake. Ann.

  8. What a nice gift! And WF looks fantastic 🙂

  9. Pretty gifties – how nice of Ann!

    Wow, your fairy looks great – she is really moving along now!!! I hope you got my email… I need hints about what you like 🙂

  10. Lovely gifties, lovely progress! Hope that headache has left you by now.

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