Posted by: ralphy36 | August 4, 2006

Feeling sleepy Monday night, Allen and I went to …

Feeling sleepy

Monday night, Allen and I went to see Fiona Apple at Wolf Trap. It was a great concert despite the intense heat. The only problem is that since then, I have been very out of sorts. I haven’t really felt sick, but definitly very, very tired! Last night, I was so sleepy I didn’t do ANY stitching. Allen was a bit concerned that I was an imposter:) Hopefully the sleepies will go away soon!

Tonight was another story. I very eagerly worked on Butterfly Rest. She will now be my Thursday night project. I have now finished one of the big blue triangles of doom and got started on the leaf she is laying her head on. Here she is…

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  1. Its looking good Leslie 🙂 I must admit to cheating……… I am not doing “the triangles of doom” LOL



  2. Hey Leslie, thanks for visiting my blog, and introducing me to yours in the process! I love reading your blog, and see all your wonderful (and huge!) projects come to life!

  3. Butterfly Rest looks good. It will be fun to watch it grow.

  4. The triangle of doom looks really good. I can’t wait to see more. Does Fiona Apple have a new cd out? I love her old stuff and never hear anything about her. Ann.

  5. How cool to see Fiona Apple in concert!!
    Your stitching project looks great so far!!

  6. thanx for your comments on my blog — and you are correct, there really aren’t many stitching motifs with grape themes. This tabletopper is very pretty with the bee hives & grapes.

    One of my girlfriends stitched it & had I not seen it all done — I would never have acquired that pattern. The photo doesn’t do it justice!

    Did you ever find any grape patterns for kitchen towels??? for the huck towels??

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