Posted by: ralphy36 | July 31, 2006

A Weekend’s Stitching I had a nice relaxing weeke…

A Weekend’s Stitching

I had a nice relaxing weekend. Friday night we just relaxed and hung out. Allen played Pirates and I stitched for a while before we watched Psych and House on USA network. Saturday, I did a bunch of shopping in the morning and then went to a lunch babyshower for a friend/co-worker. It was a lot of fun and nice to see my co-workers who are off for the summer.

After the shower, I crashed for a bit before making some yummy baked Ziti for dinner. OOHHH it was good! After dinner I settled on the couch with Allen to watch Lord of War while I worked on White Wedding. I had hoped to get page three done last night, but it didn’t quite happen, so after housework this afternoon, I did the last 20 rows of the boarder done. So here it is in all its glory, the first half of White Wedding. I actually have the whole right hand border stitched as when I first started it, I had a bit of a scare that the fabric wasn’t wide enough. After I stitched the whole right side, I was rest assured that I would have at least two inches on the top. I may sew a piece of muslin across the top so I have more flexibility in my q-snap.

After White Wedding, the last little bit of Mystery 9 got hammered out. I am very proud that I have been able to keep on schedule with this piece. Hopefully I will be able to continue that for the remainder of the year. Now I need to print out some article for my final class paper, then a little time to work on Mylene’s RR.

Unfortunately there will be no stitching tomorrow. I work 7-2, then class from 2:30-5:30. After that, I will grab a quick dinner and then I head to Wolf Trap to see Fiona Apple with Allen. Hopefully it will be a good concert.



  1. I love Fiona Apple, she is such a great songwriter and singer. I hope you have a great time at the concert. WW is just beautiful. I love the fabric. Ann.

  2. Mystery 9 is looking so beautiful… I love following your progress on it.

  3. white wedding is looking lovely…

  4. Both those WIPs look gorgeous! 🙂

  5. I love White Wedding and love the fabby you chose to do it on, what is it?

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