Posted by: ralphy36 | July 29, 2006

A recap and look to the future July Goals… 1. F…

A recap and look to the future

July Goals…
1. Finish Celtic Winter (this may be a bit of a pipe dream)Not so much of a pipe dream…all done
2. Finish dress of Woodland Fairy-Only about 30 minutes left on her dress
3. Finish Part 7 of Mystery 9-I will be
4. Make a start on the next round of my Robin’s Nest RR-A little over haf done
5. Complete Dog Days of Summer Exchange-Done and shipped out
6. Finish Stitching on House Theme Exchange-About 2/3 done
7. Finish Elizabeth Design’s September Garden-All done
8. Stitch on Brightneedle’s My Lady’s Needlecase-A little
9. Stitch on Butterfly Night-A little

Great month, eh!!

Now onto August. I am going to have to be more conservative as several weekends are going to be spent out of town.

1. Finish Woodland Fairy’s torso and face
2. Finish part 8 of Mystery 9
3. Finish page four of White Wedding
4. Finish House theme Exchange
5. Finish Redwork Exchange
6. Stitch on Butterfly Rest on Thursdays
7. Stitch a little on My Lady’s Needlecase

Tonight, I got all but 350 stitches done on page three of White Wedding done. Hopefully I will have a full pick of the first half of that one for you tomorrow. Then just a little bit left on Mystery 9 and then on to spend some time with Mylenes RR. In amongst all this i need to swing by Weight Watchers and then have a lunch/babyshower.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Congrats on accomplishing so many of your goals in July!

  2. Hi Leslie 🙂 You asked in Karen’s blog what that fabric was that I sent her – it is the special cut by Lakeside Linens for VOHRH, 40 ct Vintage Sand Dune – isn’t it just gorgeous??!!

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