Posted by: ralphy36 | July 22, 2006

Productive Day So, today I got some really good s…

Productive Day

So, today I got some really good stuff done despite taking a midday nap. I got myself up early (yes on a Saturday!) and first went to Weight Watchers. I lost almost a pound this week. Pretty good since I ate so poorly. Then it was off to get the oil changed in my car and a brief trip to the grocery store. Next was lunch and a nap. After sleeping off lunch, I tackled a week’s worth of laundry, the last of the dishes and the kitchen floor. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive. Probably not since I hope Allen will be home. I would much rather play with him than do chores:)

So, after I felt like I had done enough chores to clear my guilt, I pulled out White Wedding. It is looking wonderful. Today I finished all but three rows of the bottom border of the piece. If I put two good evenings and some time next weekend, this page will be done by the 31st.

I just had myself some chicken tacos for dinner and after a short break, I think I will pull out Mystery 9. Hopefully I can get that second triangle done. There is just the specialty stitches and a handful of crosses left to do. Tomorrow will be Woodland Fairy and a bit more time on either Mylene’s RR or my house exchange. Maybe I will even tidy the living room;)



  1. Congratulations on the weight loss – that is always a good thing! White Wedding really is starting to look wonderful!

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