Posted by: ralphy36 | July 12, 2006

Celtic Progress After a weekend of not sleeping,…

Celtic Progress

After a weekend of not sleeping, I did not feel much like stitching last night, so no progress on Woodland Fairy. Tonight, since Celtic Winter was still on my stand, I spent about 90 minutes on her tonight. Here is my progress.

All I have left to stitch are the rest of the outer border, three and a half medallions on the left, a little gold braid on the right and a bit of filling in on her dress. If I work hard this weekend I will be able to start the beading.

Tomorrow night, White Wedding will come out to play and I will probably work on Woodland Fairy on Thursday. Hopefully the rest of the week will be fun.



  1. Wow! You’re getting so close to finishing her! Looking great! :o)

  2. Great stitching. Where can I find pics of Olde World Map and Butterfly Rest so I can vote. I love this interactive stuff but I’m not familiar with these 2 patterns.

  3. Oh, she is looking fantastic!

    I need to go vote – though it is a tough choice – I love both the map and the fairy!!!

    The other Christine commented about your blog design, but on my browser (Slimbrowser, basically IE) it still looks wonky. I think it is your header – it seems your blog title is over to the right to far which forces us to scroll right. Perhaps if you justified it on the left side?

  4. Your Celtic Winter is beautiful! I hadn’t intended to stitch this one, but it’s very tempting after seeing your WIP!

  5. Congratulations Leslie – she’s looking gorgeous!

  6. She’s stunning! Congratulations!

  7. She’s looking lovely!

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