Posted by: ralphy36 | July 9, 2006

An Allen post… Allen has asked that I post some…

An Allen post…

len has asked that I post some pics of his most rec
ent progress. Yesterday he started a wooden model airplane and wanted to share his progress.

Here are some pieces of the tail of the

And here are his lovely rounded edges.

And a pic of half of the finished wing skeleton.

Allen put a lot of hard work into this and it looks great.

Now onto my stitching….I finished my September Garden last night. I am not sure how I am going to finish it yet, but I love the way it came out. Unfortunately the colors of the fifth row got washed out in this pic. They almost blend into the fabbie. Thanks again to Cathy for sending me the kit.



  1. Congratulations on finishing September Garden, it’s lovely

  2. September Garden looks great, Leslie!!

  3. Allens airplane looks great πŸ™‚ My brother in law is into these and he shows me his makings everytime I visit *grin*

    September Garden looks great πŸ™‚ Its really pretty!



  4. The plane looks beautifully done. I love stuff like that. The edges are so neat and perfect. Hope we get to get it as it progresses! πŸ™‚

    And September Garden is looking good too!

  5. excellent job on Summer Garden! Cathy sent you a winner πŸ˜€

    The plane is interesting. Nearby, there is a group of week-end model plane fliers. I think called the Sun Downers (or something like that) The planes look small in the air & much larger on the ground.

  6. The Garden piece looks great. My dad has a bunch of airplanes that he has been trying to fly but doesn’t seem to have any times. Also the weather is such a factor.

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