Posted by: ralphy36 | July 7, 2006

Just a few quick pics for everyones viewing pleasu…

Just a few quick pics for everyones viewing pleasure:)

Here is this weeks progress on white wedding. I should easily be able to finish page three by the end of July.

And here is my most recent progress on Elizabeth’s Designs September GArden. I have two and a half bands left.

I also finished the finishing on my Summer Exchange and got all my materials together to start my House Exchange soon. I am undecided as to whether to stitch this first or work on Mylene’s RR as they both need to be shipped on August 15th. I have plenty of time for both:)



  1. Excellent progress!

  2. That Wedding piece is going to be stunning. It will be fun to watch it grow.

  3. Wow! You’ve accomplished a great deal in the past day or two!

  4. Great progress on that wedding sampler! I love the ED Garden WIP too – super nice! I have that somewhere in my stash, and this makes me want to dig it out too! LOL Looking forward to more updates.

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