Posted by: ralphy36 | June 30, 2006

June Recap I don’t usually post while I am at wor…

June Recap

I don’t usually post while I am at work, but today I think I am entitled to. Our Assisstant Superintendent is retiring today and in his honor, our floor is hosting a mini golf tournament. Needless to say it is very loud and not conducive to doing any real work. So, in between catching a quite moment to work on my summer assessments, I decided I would do my June recap and July goals. Here they are:

June Goals
1. Finish Celtic Winter borderalmost done with right side border…just a few gold stitches left
2. Finish page 2 of White Wedding-yes…yay me!
3. Work on Woodland Fairy-made great progress this month
4. Finish Part 6 of Mystery 9-Yup
5. Finish my part of my RR-Yes
6. Work on Lilies-No
7. Work on Butterfly Rest-No
8. Complete Friendship exchange-Yes, with time to spare

I am quite pleased with my accomplishments this month.

Now, onto July Goals…
1. Finish Celtic Winter (this may be a bit of a pipe dream)
2. Finish dress of Woodland Fairy
3. Finish Part 7 of Mystery 9
4. Make a start on the next round of my Robin’s Nest RR
5. Complete Dog Days of Summer Exchange
6. Finish Stitching on House Theme Exchange
7. Finish Elizabeth Design’s September Garden
8. Stitch on Brightneedle’s My Lady’s Needlecase
9. Stitch on Butterfly Night

I haven’t done much stitching this week because I am still feeling a bit pooky after my dental surgery on Monday. After 9 hours at work/class, I just come home and check out on the couch. I have, however, made a good start on my Summer Exchange and should be able to have it all finished by this weekend. I have the finishing all planned out and have all the needed materials. I am going to use my new favorite finishing technique…I just wish I had more patterns that were the right size and shape for this type of finishing.

I have a few pics at home to post later this evening, so check back then. There is one particularly adorable one of Cooper getting ready to go to work. Definitly worth seeing:)


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